Aggressive ReConnaissance-170 Starfighter
Manufacturer: InCom Corporation
Class: Starfighter
Technical Information
Length: 12.7 meters
  • 2 wing mounted laser cannons
  • 6 Proton torpedoes
  • 1 rear mounted laser cannon

3; Pilot, Copilot/gunner, Tail gunner

Aggressive ReConnaissance-170 starfighters, or simply known as ARC-170 Starfighters were starfighters used by the Galactic Republic's Republic Navy during the Clone Wars.


The ARC-170 was classified as a heavy fighter for its heavy armor and weapons payload. The '170 was capable of long missions into territory that other fighters could not perform because of their lack of hyperdrives and durable shielding, all features that were included in the ARC-170's design.


An impressive amount of offensive equipment was present on the ARC-170 including six proton torpedoes, medium wing mounted laser cannons, rear mounted laser cannons. All these weapons and the fighter's sensor package, scanner and electric countermeasure generators made it incredibly effective as an assault fighter craft.


This fighter required three individuals to operate effectively; one pilot, a forward gunner and a rear gunner. The ARC-170 starfighter also had one R2 astromech unit between the gunner and tail gunner. The astromech droid aided in navigation, targeting, and repairing damaged systems.

Clone Wars

Battle of Malastare

Malastare EP bomb run

ARC-170 Starfighters and Y-Wing Bombers attacking the droid forces on Malastare

During Battle of Malastare, ARC-170 starfighters escorted Y-wings carrying an electro-proton bomb and provided cover from AAT's by striking enemy ground formations.

Battle of Kamino

During the Battle of Kamino, ARC-170s helped defend Tipoca City under command of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker.

Battle of Sullust

During the Battle of Sullust, ARC-170 starfighters were used to destroy droid Tri-Fighters, but most of them were destroyed.

Battle of Lola Sayu

While Saesee Tiin and his group of starfighters, were rescuing survivals, ARC-170 starfighters were used to defend Republic Cruisers from being destroyed. When Saesee Tiin, Kit Fisto, Adi Gallia and survivals returned to the ship, all ARC-170 starfighters, returned to the hangers and cruisers jumped to hyperspace.

Rescuing Adi Gallia

When Adi Gallia was captured by General Grievous, few Ventor-class cruisers with ARC-170 starfighters came in rescue. ARC starfighters were taken to battle in space, while Plo Koon and Wolfpack reached the Separatist control ship. There they rescued Adi Gallia, but General Grievous escaped.

Battle for Anaxes

When Admiral Trench attacked the Republic ship yards on Anaxes, ARC-170 Starfighters were deployed in a attempt to win the battle.



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