This article/section of the article contains information that was not presented in the Clone Wars television series. Content consists of only Clone Wars related media and is, therefore, considered part of the Star Wars Legends continuity.
AT-OT lego


The All Terrain Open Transport was a walking transport for the Grand Army of the Republic. It appears similar to the AT-TE but was open roof and six legs. The vehicle's main puspose was to serve as a troop transported.

Other media

An AT-OT walker was released as a Clone Wars categorized LEGO set under the name (10195) Republic Dropship with AT-OT walker. It costed $249.99 and came with 8 clone trooper minifigures, two of which were Pilots.

Strangely, AT-OTs have only made brief appearances in Revenge of the Sith, but the set comes with phase I armored clone troopers. This was likely a misconception by LEGO as, throughout the television series, standard AT-TEs were seen being carried by LAATs rather than AT-OTs.

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