All Terrain Recon Transport
Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards
Class: Walker
Technical Information
Length: 3.2 meters (in height)
  • 1 Repeating blaster cannon
  • 1 Mortar launcher


The AT-RT, or All Terrain Recon Transport was a very small, speedy and agile bipedal walker, often piloted by ARF Troopers during the Clone Wars. Its weapon was a small repeating laser cannon, deployed both for battles, such as Ryloth or Umbara, or reconnaissance.


Umbaran airbase

AT-RTs on Umbara.

During the Clone Wars, these walkers were used in many battles such as the battles of Christophsis, Umbara, and Ryloth. They could very often been seen patroling around the Republic bases and making sure all places were secured. They were often used by ARF troopers, but they could also been seen being used by Jedi, such as Mace Windu and other clones.



Concept art of a 501st-affiliated AT-RT.

AT-RTs were painted in colors of the battalion or legion that used them. During the Battle of Ryloth, Lightning Squadron used them and the walkers were painted green in order to match the color from ARF trooper's armor. During Battle of Umbara and Kiros, the 501st legion variant was used. They were painted in blue with a 501 sign on them.


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