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"Listen up. I'm only saying it once. Each device tells you your position and essential details about your part in the plot."
"Aren't you going to tell us how all the pieces fit together?"
"Derrown here is going to breach the shield. Moralo Eval is the getaway driver. Two of you will act as guards protecting the chancellor. And you, Hardeen, are the sniper. That's all you need to know.
Cad Bane and Rako Hardeen[src]
Abduction of Chancellor Palpatine

Dooku and the bounty hunters plotting

The Abduction of Chancellor Palpatine was a plot initiated by Count Dooku and the criminal mastermind, Moralo Eval, which involved abducting the Chancellor while he attended the Festival of Light on Naboo. The plan was formed in order to strike a crippling blow to the Galactic Republic. When the Jedi discovered that there was a plot against the Chancellor, they formed a counter-plan in which Obi-Wan Kenobi faked his death and took on the identity of his supposed killer, Rako Hardeen, in order to infiltrate the group and discover information about the plot. After successfully gaining the trust of Bane and Eval and infiltrating the group of bounty hunters, Kenobi, along with four other bounty hunters, survived the Box, and were chosen to carry out Dooku's plan. During a briefing before the mission, Kenobi was selected as the sniper responsible for incapacitating the Chancellor. With a good view of the situation, Kenobi was able to relay everything that was happening, ultimately allowing the Jedi to keep the Chancellor safe.


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