Tank droid TCW-1-

The Alliance Droid

The Alliance Droid, NR-N99 Persuader-class Droid Enforcer, or Snail Tank, was a formidable tank droid used by the CIS Droid Army to intimidate and annihilate enemy targets. This unit is a self contained battle droid unit in itself much like the Hailfire or Spider Droids with a central drive wheel for motion and two photoreceptors for eyes. The Snail Tank is equipped with a variety of weapons including blaster and ion cannons, missiles, thermal detonators an even torpedoes. The Persuader-class is programmed to be more ruthless in combat than some of their other compatriots, because unlike Hailfire droids the Persuader is more than willing to target and attack civilian targets.

They fought on Christophsis and many other battles in the Clone Wars. They were highly effective, lasting longer than their comrades, the AAT, against clone troopers.


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