A BARC speeder could be modified to carry wounded clone troopers

The Biker Advanced Recon Commando speeder, or BARC Speeder was a Clone Wars era speeder bike designed for use by clone troopers and Jedi. Manufactured by Aratech Repusal Company for the Grand Army of the Republic. The bike was 4.57 meters in length and could travel at a maximum speed of 520 km/h. The speeder was powered by its repulsor lifts which allowed it to travel and maneuver at exceptionally high speeds and altitudes. BARC speeders were armed with two forward mounted blaster cannons.
BARC speeders Christophsis

Speeders on Christophsis

The vehicle was designed for the ARC troopers, however because of its versatility it was mass produced and given to many other clone units. The Republic forces also used these bikes to escort their gunships.


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