Bad Kitty
Bad Kitty
Manufacturer: Rothana Heavy Engineering
Class: Gunship
Technical Information
Length: 17.4 meters
  • 3 Anti-personnel laser turrets (2 in front, 1 in back)
  • 4 Composite-beam laser turrets
  • 2 Missile launchers

1 Pilot, 1 Copilot

"Cody says that General Kenobi never reached the landing site. They think his gunship got shot down."
Captain Rex on the Bad Kitty's destruction[src]

The Bad Kitty was a Republic Gunship that transported clone troopers during the Clone Wars. The Bad Kitty was used by Obi-Wan Kenobi and his men during the Second Battle of Geonosis. During that time, it was shot out of the sky by Separatist Droid Artillery. Only Obi-Wan and Clone Trooper Trapper survived the crash and were soon rescued by Ghost Company's best scouts, Waxer and Boil, who assisted them back to the Republic landing site.


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