A Banshee

Banshees were a species of flying predators that lived on Umbara during the Clone Wars. They had bright green bioluminsent markings near their eyes and tail.


When the Republic launched a campaign against the Umbarans, several Banshees went out scavenging over the battle field. Two attacked troops of the 501st Legion as they were marching towards the capital, hoping to devour some of them, but both were killed by the battalion's temporary leader, Pong Krell. Others attempted to scavenge for food among the bodies of fallen clone troopers of the battle, which angered clone medic Kix. Another attempted
A Banshee

A Banshee

to attack ARC Trooper Fives while on a mission to commandeer Umbaran Starfighters, until it was stabbed by an ascension cable at the hand of trooper Hardcase.




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