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This page is about various types of Battle Droid classes. You may be looking for the B1 Battle Droid often referred to as a "Battle Droid".

Battle Droids were droids programmed for combat, and were the bulk of the Confederacy of Independent Systems' military force and the foot soldiers of the Droid Army, fighting in battles as soldiers.

While most droids were used for solely for combat purposes, there were a number of droids that had been built specifically for menial tasks and labor such as the piloting and firefighting. However these battle droids were often clumsy, and commanders such as General Grievous and Asajj Ventress held them in contempt, often destroying them in fits of rage.

B1-series Droids

Firefighter droid

This droid was never officially fought in battle. Separatist leaders and captains utilized them to extinguish fires, fix wreckage and seek out escape routes.

Droid gunner

These green droids were used as special operatives, manning AAT into battle. On Rugosa, at least one of these such droids mounted the tanks in an attempt to daunt King Katuunko, but were destroyed when Jedi Master Yoda attacked them.

Rocket battle droid

Rocket battle droid-1-
Rocket battle droids were modified with jetpacks and chainsaws, being used by General Grievous to escort Dorch-class boarding ships.

Training B1

Training Battle Droids were used by the Kaminoans in training exercises for Clone cadets before being permitted in to battle. They fired stun blasts and were primarily grey but had yellow markings, making it quite obvious that they weren't to be used in battle.

Pilot Droid

Pilot droids often help pilot tanks or Separatists ships. All pilot droids are not the best fighters

Commander Battle Droid

Commander battle droids are usually in charge of a squad or a entire army! The receive orders and they have their squads carry them out

B2-series Droids

Rocket droid

B2-RP Battle Droid

This model of droid, otherwise known as the super droid or rocket droid was an aerial infantry droid that helped win a battle for the Droid Army on Quell. At least one hundred of these, along with Battle Droids were destroyed when the Venator-class Star Destroyer that they were boarding was destroyed, under the command of a Tactical Droid.

Training B2

These droids were used alongside the Training B1s, by the Kaminoans to train clone troopers to be. They had a grey and yellow color scheme and fired stun blasts.

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Behind The Scenes

  • The rocket droid in "Rising Malevolence" is seen humming a slower, more harmonic version of Darth Vader's theme song from A New Hope.

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