Battle of Rugosa
Battle of Rugosa
Location: Rugosa
Combatants: Galactic Republic

Confederacy of Independent Systems

Commanders: Grand Master Yoda
Commanders: Asajj Ventress
Outcome: Republic wins and Rugosa pledges loyalty to Republic
War Chronology
Preceded by: Battle of Ryloth
Followed by: Battle of Ryloth

The Battle of Rugosa was between the Republic and the Separatists for which side Rugosa would pledge allegiance to.


Jedi Master Ima-Gun Di and his troops, along with freedom fighter Cham Syndulla , were running out of reinforcements and munitions to the forces of the Separatists on Ryloth. General Di contacted Admiral Dao to reach the Jedi Council and plead to them about their situation. Dao reported to Mace Windu, Master Yoda, and Obi-Wan Kenobi of their situation, but before he could finish his message, his cruiser was destroyed. The Jedi Council then contacted Senator Bail Organa to speak with King Katuunko of Toydaria to see if they could send Republic ships and deliver aid. Unfortunately, the message was intercepted by TX-20, and he reported it to Count Dooku, who contacted Senator Lott Dod. Organa met Jar Jar Binks on Toydaria and they went to the King. Organa talked about the situation, but Dod interjected and told the negatives that if Toydaria sends aid, the Trade Federation will have to siege trade. Katuunko made up his mind and refused aid, but secretly told Organa and Binks he could not turn a blind eye on the Twi'leks and allowed the Republic to use Toydaria as a staging ground, but Dod must not know. At dinner, Jar Jar distratced Dod as the three Republic ships went to deliver aid to Ryloth. The next day, Dod was furious that Republic blockade runners delivered aid and said Organa would pay for it. Katuunko said he was open to talk with the Jedi and join the Republic.


"I ask, how can the Jedi protect you if they can not protect themselves?"
―Dooku to Katuunko[src]

When Yoda and the troopers got to Rugosa they soon found out the Separatists where blockading the planet, and Yoda and a several troopers made it out with an escape pod. The Separatists wanted Katuunko on their side, so Asajj Ventress made a deal: she would send her best battle droid forces to capture him, and if he defeated the droids, Toydaria would be given reason to ally with the Republic. Should Yoda fail, Toydaria would join the Confederacy. So, they battled and Yoda won easily, which made Dooku very angry, and he told her to kill Katuunko because he would not ally with them, but right before she did, Yoda saved the king and challenged Ventress to a duel, and she used the force to bring a boulder down to give herself time to escape, which she did.


"In the end, cowards are those who follow the dark side."
―Yoda after Ventress flees[src]

So after Yoda proved that he could single handily destroy 3 battalions, Rugosa pledged allegiance to the Republic.


"You have completed the first stages of your training, and I am sending you on an assignment to Toydaria. You will bring me King Katuunko—alive. Kill all who might interfere."
―Dooku to his new apprentice, Savage Opress[src]

After Katuunko refused more than once to join the Separatists, Dooku proved to hold a grudge against Katuunko. With his new apprentice, Savage Opress, he wanted to see if he could complete a task -- Bring Katuunko back to him alive, but Opress killed him, so by doing so, Dooku couldn't force Katuunko into allying with the Separatists.

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