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The blockade of Pantora was established by the Trade Federation in 22 BBY during the Clone Wars as a result of the planet's debt to the Federation.

The Blockade

In 22 BBY, the Trade Federation created a blockade around Pantora, which led to some of its people to believe that it would result in the Pantorans joining the Separatists for assistance. Chairman N. Papanoida met with Senator Riyo Chuchi on Coruscant to discuss requesting that the Republic take action on the blockade. Shortly after they did so, Trade Federation member Sib Canay hired two bounty hunters, one of them Greedo, to kidnap Papanoida's two daughters as leverage to force him to join the Separatists. When the daughters were rescued, the Trade Federation removed the blockade, so that the Senate wouldn't find out that they had been working with the Separatists.


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