This article/section of the article contains information that was not presented in the Clone Wars television series. Content consists of only Clone Wars related media and is, therefore, considered part of the Star Wars Legends continuity.
Bosso Weex
Biological Information
Species: Zygerrian
Gender: Male
Biographic Information
Bosso Weex was a spice trader who led a group of spice smugglers during the Clone Wars. After half of Weex's men were captured and enslaved by the Zygerrian Queen Miraj Scintel. Weex planned to kill the Queen to free his men. Arranging a meeting place with the Queen where Bosso alleged he would bring the necessary credits to buy the freedom of his associates in Drukarg Highlands on Zygerria. When the Queen arrived Weex's men attacked, however, there were thwarted by the actions of the Queen's newest slave, Anakin Skywalker. Skywalker defeated Weex's fellows, but allowed them to leave with their lives.

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