Biological Information
Species: Siniteen
Gender: Male
Biographic Information
Homeworld: Unknown
  • Chief Officer (Republic)

Bounty Hunter

"This particular unit seems to have some problems. What do you recommend?"
"Well, I'm no Jedi, so forgive my bluntness, but I say they fail. Send them down to maintenance duty with 99 and the other rejects."
Shaak Ti and Bric, about Domino Squad[src]

Bric was a Bounty Hunter that works with El-Les on Kamino training clone troopers for battle. Instead of Jedi, the Kaminoans payed the bounty hunters. He thought the Domino Squad was a fail squad and wanted to set them up for be clean-up troopers, not fighters. He took Domino's Squad's graveling hooks so they couldn't win, but they worked together to prove them wrong. All he cared about was getting paid, not the clones.


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