Carlac was a remote snow covered Outer Rim world largely unspoiled by major industry and the interstellar Clone Wars. Carlac only known seemingly native sentient inhabitants were the relatively simple Ming Po. The Ming Po had a tribalist society led by a Chieftain named Pieter. These natives would be taken advantage of by raiders who arrived on Carlac from Mandalore and its moon Concordia. Led by Pre Vizsla these rebel terrorist manipulated and later enslaved some of the Ming Po population and forced them to service their fighters as the Death Watch rebuilt it forces.


A village on Carlac

Eventually after escaping from the clutches of Separatist Commando Droids Lux Bonteri who swore revenge on Dooku for the death of his mother arrived here seeking an alliance with Vizsla who also wanted to kill Darth Tyrannus. Bringing an unconscious Ahsoka Tano with them the pair encountered the Death Watch, and fought with them freeing the local Ming Po before escaping the Mandalorians.


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