Chapter 12
Chapter Information
Season: 2
Episode No.: 2
Production Code: 112
Airdate: March 29,2004
  • Unknown
Director: Genndy Tartakovsky

Chapter 12 was a second episode of season 2 of Star Wars: Clone Wars, and it was originally broadcasted on Cartoon Network on March 29,2004

Plot summary

On Dantooine, A young boy named Paxi Sylo watches the Battle of Dantooine. Mace Windu led the Clone Troopers against B2 Super Battle Droids.Although the Republic is gaining to victory until Confederacy of Independent Systems's Seismic Tank and activate it. A huge shock wave of dirt is generated, scattering Mace Windu and his troops. When he finally picks himself up, he discovers that not only has he been separated from his soldiers and is alone in the midst of B2 Super Battle Droids but he has lost his Lightsaber.



Droid Models




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