Chapter 5
Chapter Information
Season: 1
Episode No.: 5
Production Code: 1.05
Airdate: November 13, 2003
  • Unknown
Director: Genndy Tartakovsky

Chapter 5 is the fifth episode of Star Wars: Clone Wars and the Volume 1. The episode originally broadcasted on Cartoon Network on November 13, 2003.



Kit Fisto jumping into sea of Mon Calamari

The chapter starts with voice over from Yoda who explains the situation on the underwater world of Mon Calamari. Two native spieces: Quarrens and Mon Calamaris have split in half, Quarrens on side of Confederacy of Independent Systems and Mon Calamaris on side of the Galactic Republic. Quarren have made their own Separatist government and taken over the planet

Then scene cuts to Master Yoda talking over the hologram with Master Kit Fisto inside a Republic cruiser. Yoda orders Fisto to help Calamaris to retake their planet in the name of Galactic Republic. Then, when all Republic cruisers landed on the surface of the watery planet, Kit Fisto jumps into water with SCUBA clone troopers and joins the battle.


Battle of Calamari

Suddenly, Republic forces are attacked by Manta droid Subfighters, Sub carriers, Mini-subs and Quarren soldiers. After awhile, Mon Calamari Knights arrived to reinforce Republic troops. With their help, Kit Fisto and SCUBA troopers soon destroyed large numbers of subfighters and carriers.

Then trouble for Republic and Fisto begin when Quarrens arrived with their Crab Cannon, and using it, destroyed few of his Republic cruisers that were still on the sea surface. Kit Fisto then arrived closer to enemy cannon and soon with the help of Calamari Knights and the Force Cannon is almost destroyed. Then, using the force, Kit Fisto pushed him into steep underwater ravine.

After that, Republic started to win and the planet was soon under Mon Calamari control.




Droid Models





  • Kit Fisto's belt buckle is in the shape of two fish conjoined together like the Tao, a symbol of Chinese philosophy.
  • The Star Wars: Clone Wars: Volume I DVD swaps this chapter with "Chapter 4".

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