A Citadel commando droid

The Citadel BX-series droid commando, also known as the Citadel commando droid, was an elite, expensive variant of the BX-series commando droid. They were utilized by Commander Osi Sobeck as guards for the Citadel, and they were specially programmed to combat against Jedi and other dangerous enemies of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Appearance and Equipment


A Commando Droid with a personal energy shield

The Citadel droid commando could be identified by the orange markings on their bodies. Their repainting included paste orange on their head joints, body carapaces, and fabricated muscles and stripes down their waists.

These droids were much more advanced than their standard Commando Droid counterparts and were able to utilize other weapons, such as electrostaffs and energy shields. When donning the shields, they were very difficult to defeat, unless exploded from below. They also had built-in magnetized feet, which gave them the ability to resist force attacks and avoid many of the Citadel's traps. Like all other Commando Droids, they were very agile, fast, and skilled in both close combat and ranged combat.


The Citadel


Citadel Commando droids fighting clone troopers

During an attempt to rescue Even Piell and Wilhuff Tarkin, Osi Sobeck sent out several Citadel Commando Droids to intercept them. The droids managed to beat back several members of the strike team, including Ahsoka Tano, but were eventually defeated. One Commando, in the cell of Wilhuff Tarkin, noticed out loud the success of the team in escaping, promptly being executed by another droid for such an act shortly after.


More Commando Droids, wielding energy plated riot sheilds, were sent out after the fugitives, only able to be destroyed from below when they cornered the group. In an attempt to escape the Citadel once and for all, the group charged their shuttle, but a commando droid used a nearby turret to demolish it, killing Echo in the process.


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