Clone flame trooper

A clone flame trooper

Clone Flame Troopers were a specialized type of clone trooper that saw action during the Clone Wars. These troopers were specifically trained to use flamethrowers in combat. Several of these troopers fought under the command of Jedi General Ki-Adi-Mundi during the Second Battle of Geonosis.


Flame troopers wore environment-resistant armor identical to that of the Clone snow troopers, which was designed to withstand extreme temperatures. The armor was painted brown with a few yellow markings. The troopers also utilized fire-proof kamas.

The Clone Flame troopers utilized BT X-42 Heavy Republic Flamethrowers during the war.

Second Battle of Geonosis

During the second battle of Geonosis, many clone flame troopers were deployed in the Republic's attempt to retake the planet. The troopers were placed under Clone Commander Jet's and Ki-Adi-Mundi's command. However, only a few of the troopers sent to the surface actually survived the battle as most of the LAATs that transported them crashed or were shot down.

While traveling through a cave, Ki-Adi-Mundi and his troops were ambushed by Geonosians. Near the exit of the cave, flame troopers fired their Flamethrowers at a large group of Geonosians, overwhelming them with flames.


  • The clone flame troopers seem to wield the Flamethrowers using their left hands.
  • Clone flame trooper armor is purchasable and wearable in the Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures game.


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