A Clone Trooper gunner.

Clone Gunners, also known as Clone Trooper Tank Gunners, were clone troopers who specialized in operating vehicles' turrets and cannons. They were often placed in AT-TEs or proton turrets on Republic Attack Cruisers. They also operated antivehicle cannons.


Clone Trooper Gunner armor was very similar in design to Clone Trooper Pilot armor, having soundproof helmets. Unlike Clone Pilots, their armor was also much more durable than that of standard clone troopers, being able to resist strong recoil from firing turrets, and light impacts from enemy vehicles. Most Clone Gunners were armed with DC-15S blaster carbines for self-defense. However, they were trained to destroy enemies before they reached them.

Clone Trooper Gunners' armor, by default, bore many grey markings and two grey Galactic Republic emblems on their helmets. Armor designs and camouflage varied depending on environment. For example, the Clone Trooper Gunners who fought during the Second Battle of Geonosis wore desert camouflage, similar to Desert Troopers.


Concept art for the Geonosis Clone Trooper Gunners

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