Naval Officer

A clone officer during Clone Wars.

Clone naval officers were clones of Jango Fett who were grown on Kamino. However, unlike most of their clone brethren who were intended for the Grand Army of the Republic, they were created to serve in the Republic Navy. They never actually fought, unlike clone commanders and clone captains. Officers wore grey, naval outfits, which separated them from normal fighting clones. These clone troopers specialized in technical and naval tactics.


Naval officers did not wear armor. Instead, they had gray uniforms. The uniforms were often marked with a rank plack. When Phase II armor was introduced, the naval officers kept their uniforms, but were issued new caps. The caps had code cylinders on top. The sleeves of the gray suits often bore the symbol of their unit, such as the Open Circle Fleet.


Clone Naval Officers often served on the bridges of capital ships with Jedi and birth born officers like Wilhuff Tarkin and Wullf Yularen. They served in nearly every battle during the Clone Wars.

Known Clone Naval Officers


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