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Shock trooper

Shock troopers in Phase II armor

Shock troopers were a variant of GAR's clone troopers that served as a security force for the planet of Coruscant. Though trained as a military force, they served mostly in a police capacity or as body guards for diplomats and other dignitaries. In addition, shock troopers served as prison guards for the Republic Judiciary Central Detention Center. As their name implied, shock troopers were trained for close combat situations.


Throughout the Clone Wars, shock troopers were distinguished by red markings all over their body armor.

By the second half of the Clone Wars, shock troopers wore Phase II armor, which was different in appearance compared to their Phase I armor counterpart in terms of the placement of red markings throughout their armor. looking less ceremonial and more battle-hardened.

Clone shock troopers wielded a variety of weapons. This included: the DC-15S Blaster, the DC-15A Blaster Rifle, and Electrostaffs. The blasters could be equipped with floodlights for searches in the dark. However, some troopers used RPS-6 Rocket Launchers and Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannons.


Arrest of Ziro the Hutt

A squad of Shock troopers deployed to help Senator Padmé Amidala and arrest Ziro the Hutt. A squad led by Clone Commander Fox arrived and firing at the battle droids and arrested Ziro the Hutt to Republic Detention Center.



A Shock Trooper in Phase I armor

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