A Phase II Clone pilot helmet.

Clone pilots were clone troopers who specialized in piloting starfighters and transports. When compared to other clone troopers, they had little training in ground based confrontations while instead being educated and proficient in space and aerial combat.



A standard clone trooper pilot

Clone pilots wore Phase I clone trooper armor with slightly modified helmets. These helmets assisted in blocking out sound and had built in advanced communications systems. In battle, clone pilots carried blaster pistols in the event that they were shot down or needed to land.

By default, the helmets of clone trooper pilots had light yellow markings and two red emblems of the Galactic Republic. Most pilots, however, especially those that belonged to smaller squadrons, wore widely customized designs on their helmets for better identification, such as pilot Hawk.

Interestingly, for a short time during the second half of the Clone Wars which marked the change to Phase II clone trooper armor, some clone pilots still retained their original Phase I armor.

Notable Clone Pilot groups


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