Clone Z-95 Starfighter
Z95headhunter detail
Manufacturer: Incom Corporation
Class: Starfighter
Technical Information
Length: 16.74 meters
  • 2 wingtip laser cannons


The clone Z-95 starfighter, also known as the clone Z-95 headhunter, was a starfighter used by the Grand Army of the Republic during the end of the Clone Wars. It was a starfighter class that was used mainly for escorting cruisers, being slightly smaller than the ARC-170 in overall size. It was used during the Battle of Umbara to escort troopers of the 501st Legion down in gunships, and in the Battle of Kadavo, where they escorted gunships transporting the Wolfpack, and assisted Plo Koon in his attack on the Zygerrian Processing center.


  • The Z-95 would go on to be the basis of the X-wing fighter series used before, during and after the Galactic Civil War.


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