Consular-class Cruiser
Consular-class cruiser
Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corporation
Class: Frigate
Technical Information
Length: 138.55 meters
  • 5 Twin turbolaser batteries
  • 2 Point-defense medium laser cannons


The Consular-class cruiser was a recognizable design of starship used originally by the Republic's diplomatic corps. These starships were refitted early in the war under orders from the Republic's Supreme Chancellor to increase the small number of warships available to the Republic Navy shortly after the war began. These former diplomatic ships became small combat frigates armed with laser cannons, light defenses, and point defense laser cannons. Turbolaser emplacements mounted on the central fuselage, one cannon above and one below, and a single unit was mounted on the stern behind the ship's sensor and communications array.


A Consular-class cruiser was taken on Master Yoda's mission to the moon Rugosa for his meeting with King Katuunko of Toydaria. The ship was ambushed and shot down by Munificient-class frigates, but the vessel was able to withstand the enemy long enough for the crew to jettison all the ship's escape pods. Of these pods only one containing the Jedi Grand Master and three clones made it to the surface.

A Consular-class ship carried Nute Gunray to the Jedi Cruiser Tranquility.

A number of these vessels were used in combat operations, such as the one to free Jedi Master Eeth Koth from the hands of General Grievous.

A Consular-class cruiser was used on Dac. It was, however, blown up by Riff Tamson.


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