Corona-class Armed Frigate

Corona Saucer Mothership

Hoar Chall Engineering
376 meters
Turbolasers, Ion cannons, Point-defense laser cannons
Ohnaka Gang

The Corona-class armed frigate was a large, saucer-shaped ship used by many collectors and pirates. Though they were manufactured in great quantities before the Clone Wars, production was canceled after the Separatists found the ship was not suitable for droid use, and the already made ships were sold on the market. They were considered by many to be antiques and collectors' items.


Before the outbreak of the Clone Wars, the pirate gang led by Hondo Ohnaka purchased several Corona-class frigates for use as their motherships. Ohnaka's personal flagship, the Acushnet, was used by the gang to travel to many planets while scavenging, such as Vanqor and Felucia. While on Vanqor, Ohnaka encountered Count Dooku's crashed Solar Sailer and salvaged parts from it, including his pilot droid and an Electrostaff. They soon met Dooku himself and offered him transport to Florrum, which the count accepted.


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