Shock trooper

Members of the Coruscant Guard

The Coruscant Guard was a branch of the Homeworld Security Command and they provided security on Coruscant. Some detachments were also used to escort Senators or other important bureaucrats offworld. They were led by Commander Fox during the Clone Wars, and worked alongside police droids and Senate Commando squads.


The members of the Coruscant Guard wore white armor with crimson and red markings, just like shock troopers. Some also had crimson Galactic Senate markings on them. They all were equipped with the standard DC-15A blaster rifle, and all the clone riot troopers had batons and shields.

Notable Members

Coruscant Guard
Fox33 CommanderThire-TCW Stone
Fox Thire Stone
Rys Hound Jek
Rys Hound Jek
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