Coruscant underworld police

Coruscant-underworld-police detail

Heavy blaster pistol

The Coruscant underworld police were the police of the lower levels of Coruscant during the Clone Wars.


Though the deeper levels of Coruscant, some semblance of order was maintained courtesy of the underworld police. Imposing and authoritative, these enforcers carry a sense of mystery in addition to their standard weapons and gear. Completely swathed in the protection and anonymity of their leather and metal uniforms, with mechanical eyes poking through their fully wrapped heads, it's unclear if they are droids, humanoids, or something in between. The happenings of so distant and sunken an environment as the underlevels may be far from the minds of the surface-dwelling Coruscant citizens, but the tug-of-war of law enforcement and criminal activity keeps these different sides of the city planet connected.


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