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Commander Ponds with a DC-15A Blaster Rifle

The DC-15A blaser rifle was one the most commonly seen weapons in the galaxy during the Clone Wars era. Originally developed by BlasTech Industries for use by the Grand Army of the Republic's Clone Troopers the DC-15A saw extensive use during the war. The weapon itself was a hefty nine and one half pounds capable of firing on multiple fire settings. These settings ranged from the default setting equivalent to the bolts fired from the 15A's smaller relative the DC-15S, using this setting the weapon was capable of firing up to 500 shots before reloading was neccessary. The next higher setting had longer range but could overheat the gun on sustained fire and finally an anti-armor setting which allow a user to fire only ten shots before reloading.

In addition several modes of fire were available ranging from single shot to fully automatic fire however since the rifle wasn't designed to be a true repeating blaster it was not entirely reliable on automatic fire. The rifle featured both iron sights on the weapon itself and hardware which interfaced with the helmet of the trooper firing it.


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