A DC-15S, being wielded by a 501st clone snowtrooper.

The DC-15S blaster was one of the weapons in the DC-15 weapons series used by soldiers of the Grand Army of the Republic throughout the Clone Wars. The 15S was a shorter carbine model version of the DC-15A Blaster Rifle that featured a shorter barrel and a foldable stock. A 15S model had a slightly higher rate of fire than its larger cousin however because of the shortened barrel the gun was known to be a bit less accurate than the 15A. In addition the removal of some fire control settings made the carbine less powerful.

Since the gun was much smaller than the 15A it was possible for a soldier to shoot more than one at the same time. Though not in use toward the earlier days of the war this model became common around the same time as the Battle of Teth.


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