The DC-15m Repeating Blaster Rifle.

The DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System was a weapon used primarily by Republic special forces during the Clone Wars. The weapon was essential an all-purpose blaster which could be fit with a number of different parts ranging from simply blaster to sniper mode. At its base the weapon was a carbine-styled variant similar to other Clone issued weapons.

The system featured three separate attachments: blaster carbine, sniper, and anti armor. The blaster carbine setting allowed the weapon to be a medium sized rapid fire blaster carbine that held up to 60 rounds before reloading. The sniper mode included an elongated barrel which fired projectiles much like a Wookiee bowcaster. In the gun's anti-armor, it became a grenade launcher capable of destroying enemy armored vehicles and small outposts.

Known Users


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