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The Dark Side of the Force, or Bogan, was an aspect of the universal energy field of the life known as the Force. The dark side and those who drew upon its power used the strength of their passions for guidance. The usage of the dark side was addictive and all consuming which most often lead its users down a path of destruction. Using the Force to attack in the course of battle as was so common in war opens up even a virtuous user of the light to the influence of the dark. This influence started first, which was subtle and unassuming, became an overwhelming drive distorting the users perceptions through rage and fear.

Force abilities which drew exclusively on the power of the dark include all those techniques designed to manipulated the Force to cause suffering and pain. Force Lightning used by Sith Lords like Dooku and Palpatine was one such ability. Even powers which were commonly used by the Jedi like a simple force push could become dark and sinister turning into the force crush technique in which one crushed the vital organs within the target causing severe discomfort and even death. It could be said that the Dark Side's most potent ability was to shroud and mislead even the strongest Jedi Knights as Sidious did masking his evil prescense and intentions from the entire Jedi Council allowing him the power and freedom to start the Clone War and even destroy the Republic.

Known Dark Siders during the Clone Wars

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