The Defense of Cato Neimoidia took place in 20 BBY when the Confederacy of Independent Systems launched an invasion on the planet. The Republic responded by sending a force of the 501st Legion, led by Anakin Skywalker, Padawan Ahsoka Tano and Captain Rex, to counter it. Skywalker and Tano led a fighter squadron to break through the Separatist vessels to allow the LAAT Gunships to reach the planet. However, while they flew through the bridged cities of Cato Nemoidia, a Droid Tri-Fighter launched a missile laden with Buzz Droids, which begin to attack Skywalker's starfighter while Tano remained clear of them. He managed to clear the droids off the top of the interceptor, but another group was swarming the ship's undercarriage and caused the fighter's engine to malfunction. A blast from this knocked Skywalker unconscious.

Upon learning this, Tano instructed R2-D2—the fighter's copilot—to land on a nearby cliff. Once the fighter had done so, Tano instructed her own Astromech Droid, R7-A7, to continue piloting her fighter while she pulled her master to safety. Tano then jumped from her fighter onto Skywalker's, cut through the canopy with her Lightsaber and pulled him out before the fighter plummeted off the cliff edge, with R2 escaping via his rocket boosters. After he regained consciousness, Skywalker called for Rex to bring his gunship, the Lucky Lekku, to his position to assist.

However, Grand Master Yoda suddenly contacted Anakin and instructed himself and Ahsoka to return to the Jedi Temple immediately to help investigate a bombing that had occurred in the Temple hangar. They both complied and returned to Coruscant.




Grand Army of the Republic

  • At least 2 Clone Z-95 Starfighters
  • 1 Jedi Interceptor

Confederacy of Independent Systems

  • Several Vulture Droids
  • Many Buzz Droids
  • 1 Munificent-class star frigate


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