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Showdown at Devaron


Devaron was a long held Republic planet located in the colony region between the Inner Rim and the Core worlds.


The Republic had control of much of the planet until the Separatist Army invaded the planet. The Jedi Council dispatched master Bolla Ropal and his troops to stop the droid forces. After receiving new orders from Darth Sidious, bounty hunter Cad Bane attacked the planet's Republic military outpost to capture Master Ropal who was the keeper of a holocron detailing the whereabouts of all the force sensitive children in the Republic and kidnapped the Jedi. Anakin Skywalker, along with Ahsoka Tano, Admiral Yularen, and the 501st Legion, went to intercept Bane, and rescue master Ropal. Anakin contacted a trooper on the ground for more information, and the trooper could only inform him that Bane had abducted the Rodian Jedi before he was killed by the droid forces on the planet. Shortly afterwards, Bane's frigate fled the battlefield, and the Jedi pursued. After disabling the frigate's main engine, the Jedi boarded Bane's frigate and escaped without the holocron and the corpse of Ropal, while Republic Forces managed to overcome the droid forces on the planet.

Later in the war, Jedi Master Halsey led his padawan Knox, Commander Trauma and his ARF Troopers against a second invasion of droid forces. Count Dooku sent his new assassin, Savage Opress, to take the temple, which he succeeded in doing, killing all the clones and the two Jedi in the process.


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