Pod crusher

A Droch-class boarding ship gripping an escape pod

The Droch-class boarding ship, also known as the Pod hunter, Separatist boarding craft, and informally the "juicer", was a troop transport and escape pod destroying vessel utilized by the CIS Navy. The pod hunter had four blade-like talons which it used to pierce the hull of enemy ships when engaged in boarding actions. These blades would slice into the enemy's hull and anchor the ship allowing for a group of battle droids to enter ship. In addition these talons could be used to crush individual escape pods giving rise to the name "pod hunter".

The Droch pod hunters saw use against Jedi Master Plo Koon's fleet while on the hunt for the Malevolence. After Koon's entire battle group was easily destroyed by Grievous' fleet Count Dooku ordered the deployment of the pod hunters to ensure that no survivors would be able to relay information about the Separatists' new battleship to the Republic.


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