A Clone Trooper using an E-WHB repeater.

Emplacent Weapon Heavy blaster, or E-Web heavy repeating blasters, were portable heavy repeating laser cannons that could fire intense bursts of plasma. They were commonly used during the Clone Wars, from Geonosis to Ryloth and Felucia to Ringo Vinda.


E-Webs were first used during the Clone Wars, and later used by the Empire in the decades after the war. The weapon was designed to be taken apart by a crew of a few soldiers, allowing the gun to be moved. The E-web needed a minimum of two troopers to operate with optimum efficiency, one manned the gun while the other checked the power generator for energy flux or overheating. It could also be set on auto-fire, and no trooper was needed to man the turret.


The EWHB-12 was also an upgrade of the E-Web and was commonly used by Clone Troopers in the field.


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