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An electrostaff was a melee weapon which was capable of generating an electric current and was in the form of a simple staff. Essentially, this weapon was much like an elongated stun baton, whereas the stun baton would be used for very close combat, the length of the electrostaff allowed the user to keep opponents at a distance.



A group of three MagnaGuards wielding electrostaffs.

This style of battle implement was present in numerous forms across the ages and in the Clone Wars was most associated with the Separatist Confederacy's MagnaGuards. The MagnaGuards acted as bodyguards for Count Dooku, the Confederacy's public leader, and it's most feared commander the cyborg General Grievous. Due to their unique status as special operations units and bodyguards for high level Separatist officials, the MagnaGuards and, thus, the electrostaffs they used, were designed to fight against Jedi.


A Shock Trooper uses an electrostaff to detain an inmate.

The electrostaff, being made of a very durable metallic alloy capable of resisting the extreme temperatures given off by a lightsaber, made these objects very practical in combating the Republic's peacekeepers. Furthermore, the high electric current generated could be used to subdue the Jedi as well as kill them. Finally, the actual length of the weapon, longer than an average lightsaber blade, allowed the Magna Guards to keep their Jedi opponents far out of striking range.

However, electrostaffs were also utilized by the Republic's Clone Shock troopers, who were trained in close quarters combat. They often used these staffs to subdue prisoners who went out of line.


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