Biological Information
Species: Force Wielder
Gender: Male
Biographic Information
Homeworld: Unknown
  • Head of family
  • The Ones
"To strike an unarmed man is hardly the Jedi way."
―Father upon meeting Anakin Skywalker[src]

The Father was a powerful, aged force user who dwelt on Mortis with his son and daughter. He met with Anakin Skywalker and told him about the origin of the force and the fate of the chosen one. He set Anakin into several mental and physical tribulations to prove himself, simultaneously witnessing his children's bad blood turning into an all out battle. After failing to protect his daughter from his son, the Father killed himself with the Mortis Dagger, causing his murderous son to lose his power. Anakin then killed the Son, leaving all of the Force Wielders to die, saving the planet from outside influence.


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