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The First battle of Mon Calamari, officially known as the Battle of Mon Calamari took place between the Republic and Mon Calamari, and the Separatist-allied Quarren Isolation League.




Kit Fisto Tikkes (Commander)
SCUBA Troopers Quarren Separatists
Clone troopers B1 Battle Droids
Mon Calamari Knights Moappa (indirectly)



Twenty Acclamator-class assault ship Manta droid subfighter
Crab Cannon
QIL droid carrier
Sub Carrier
Crab Cannon

The Battle

Assured by Yoda, Kit Fisto made his way to the planet with a large attack force, to counteract the Droid Army set up by Tikkes and Dooku. The Acclamators counter-parted the Quarren Isolation League Droid Carrier, and Scuba Troopers and B1 Battle Droid infantry was fed into the water bellow. As the Republic seemed to be losing, Mon Calamari Knights mounted on Keelkana eels came into battle matching the many subfighters, mini-subs and carriers. As all seemed well for the Republic, a massive Crab Cannon let fire up on the Republic cruisers, destroying many of them. Then the Mon Cals and troopers engaged it while the eels and Kit Fisto took out the support legs and turret, dooming the massive artillery weapon. Later, Kit Fisto battled the Moappa, winning and returning to the battle, where the Republic won control over the system.

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