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Foul Moudama
Biological Information
Species: Talz
Gender: Male
Biographic Information
Homeworld: Alzoc III

Foul Moudama was a male Talz Jedi Master active during the Clone Wars. He led many battles and he was part of the strike team General Shaak Ti sent on Coruscant to rescue Palpatine and get him down in the bunker while Moudama and the other three Jedi's (Roron Corobb, B'ink Utrila and Roth-Del Masona) were fighting against General Grievous and his Magnaguards. Grievous killed Masona and Utrila so Moudama and Corobb were the only ones left. Moudama charged the General but was outmatched and disemboweled by him. He died immediately and the General took his lightsaber. Corobb died seconds before he died.


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