GX1 Short Hauler
Manufacturer: Lantillian ShipWrights
Class: Light freighter / yacht
Technical Information
Length: 27 meters
  • 1 Turbolaser


The GX1 Short Hauler was a model of transport used as a light freighter or transport. One such Hauler, the Phoenix, was used by Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano as a diplomatic vessel to travel to the Confederate–Republic Peace Conference on Mandalore in 21 BBY.


The GX1 Short Hauler was mostly used as a personal transport by many in the galaxy, outfitted with many comfortable features including a galley and well-sized sleeping quarters. The Hauler's main armament was a single turbolaser, but many vessels often had their weapons removed or upgraded depending on their role. Some models, such as the Phoenix, were even outfitted with a hyperdrive-enabled escape pod.


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