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Geonosian Arena is an a level in Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars which is based on Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. It serves as the prologue to the game's storyline.

True Jedi Stud Requirement

The True Jedi Stud Requirement for this level is 65,000 studs. Studs can be found in large groups throughout the level. Multiple purple studs can be found hidden behind the posts.


  • The first minikit will appear after destroying all five merchant carts, which can be found around the arena. (Note: the carts can only be destroyed by the Reek)
  • At the start of the level, use the force to stack the circular blocks on top of one another, starting from the purple pad. Once you create a climbable route, use Jar Jar to jump to the top of the platform and jump up to the minikit.
  • The third minikit can be obtained by using a small character to travel through the chute at the back of the arena.
  • To obtain the fourth minikit, use a character with a sniper rifle to destroy all 10 floating ducks around the arena.
  • The fifth minikit can be obtained by assembling five flower pots. To do this, slam attack each flower bed to cause the seed within it to sprout. As a sith, use the force to insert the plant into the nearby pot.
  • Use a character with the charge up ability to activate the panel at the far right side of the arena to make an electric fence appear. Lure five Droidekas into the fence to obtain the sixth minikit
  • At the rear of the arena, use a sith character to use the force on the dark pillar. Next, use a character with a grappling hook to uncover the seventh minikit
  • Activate the bounty hunter panel at the far left of the arena. In the room, run on all three treadmills until they explode to obtain the eighth minikit.
  • To obtain the ninth minikit use a character with a rapid fire weapon to destroy all five gold objects around the arena.
  • Build C-3PO, located near the upper right corner of the arena, to obtain the tenth minikit.

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