Giant Flog
Giant flog
Biological Information
Species: Unknown
Gender: Male
Biographic Information
Homeworld: Unknown
  • Gladiator
  • Underworld

The Giant Flog was a gigantic gladiator who was the last one to be killed by Asajj Ventress. He was owned by Kesivo. Kesivo purchased his prize gladiator during a trading mission in the Moddell sector. Flog survived in the gladiator arena for two years. He wielded a huge flail consisting of a craggy hunk of rock on a chain. His origins remained unknown, and he had little command over any language. Rumors abounded that Flog was the result of an occult summoning by a demon, or a crude amalgamation of the parts of dead gladiators. When Asajj Ventress entered The Cauldron to challenge the Rattatakan gladiators, Flog attempted to defeat her. She severed Flog's flail, sending it flying through the air to smash into the viewing box housing Kesivo. Flog's benefactor was killed instantly. Ventress's skill far surpassed Flog's clumsy attacks, and she felled the creature with her twin lightsabers.


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