The Grand Republic Medical Facility was a hospital that was notable for being one of the tallest buildings on all of Coruscant. While it was open to the public during the Clone Wars, the Medical Facility was secretly constructed as a Sith Headquarters by Darth Sidious, using its patients as living shields in the event of a Jedi attack and hosting a hidden chamber for meditation and isolated communication with the Sith Lord's assets.


"Sir, the clone CT-5385 has died."
"Such a tragedy."
"I recommend we do further tests on this tumor at the Jedi Temple to see if it is the cause of the problem."
"Or even better, have the tumor sent to the Grand Republic Medical Facility here on Coruscant."
―Shaak Ti and Chancellor Palptine discuss the tumor found in Clone Trooper Tup[src]

The Grand Republic Medical Facility served as a major hospital on the Republic capital, being one of the tallest structures on the planet. In 20 BBY, shortly after Clone Trooper Tup killed Jedi General Tiplar during the Battle of Ringo Vinda, a tumor was found within his brain which Jedi Master Shaak Ti believed was the cause of his actions. Though the Jedi Council requested that it be brought to the Temple for analysis, Palpatine instead had it delivered to the Grand Medical Facility, along with all evidence.

Following further investigation on Kamino, ARC Trooper Fives accompanied the tumor, which turned out to be an organic chip placed within the minds of all Clone Troopers, and Shaak Ti to the Facility. Since he had removed his own chip as well, Fives was brought in restraints to prevent him from attacking others. When he was brought before the Chancellor, he attempted to make his case despite having been drugged by Kaminoan doctor Nala Se just prior. Palpatine requested that he and Fives be permitted to speak in private, with the exception of his security guards. Shortly after this, however, Palpatine framed Fives for attempting to execute him, forcing the latter to flee the facility.


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