Lattsrazzi detail

Latts Razzi wielding her Grappling boa.

"Oh, no you don't."
Latts Razzi right before launching her boa at a Kage Warrior[src]

The grappling boa was a whip like weapon used by the Theelin bounty hunter Latts Razzi to snare victims, tie them up, and hurl them about. The primary advantages of the weapon are its surprise quality as most opponents are likely to assume the item is nothing but a piece of clothing not an actual close quarters weapon. However the grappling boa also featured a number of negative attributes most notably its durable material and length meant that a user could easily be ensnared by their own weapon.


When Latts tried to snare Krismo Sodi with her boa, he dodged it and she accidentally wrapped it around Highsinger's head. Krismo then kicked Highsinger off the side and Latts followed.

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