Gume Saam
Biological Information
Species: Ishi Tib
Gender: Male
Biographic Information
Homeworld: Tibrin
  • Separatist Senator
"I like this plan!"
―Gume Saam about bombing of Coruscant[src]

Gume Saam was an Ishi Tib Senator of the Galactic Republic representing Tibrin during the Clone Wars. Saam was also a member of the group opposing Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's growing power.

Clone Wars

In 22 BBY, shortly after the Battle of Geonosis at the onset of the Clone Wars, Senator Gume Saam overlooked the deployment of clone troopers leaving the planet Coruscant prepared for combat.

Heroes on Both Sides

As a senator, Gume Saam tried to push through a bill that would deregulate the banks. It would allow the InterGalactic Banking Clan to open new lines of credit, without the approval of the Senate. During the vote for the bill, the Confederate General Grievous launched an attack on a prominent Coruscant power generator. The attack was confirmed as a Separatist attack, and Saam was able to pass the bill.


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