The gungan general

Jar-Jar Binks, Senate Representative for the Gungan population.

The Gungans were sentient amphibious humanoids native to the planet of Naboo. The Gungans had a mostly isolation society perfering to remain on their world and not travel across the stars as other races did. Physically the species had the same basic humanoid extremities, two arms and legs, with three toed feet while their hands had only four fingers. Their most notable feature was their rather long ears which they often tied back behind their heads. Gungans could live both on land and underwater where they ate smaller amphibians as food.

Cities like Otah Gunga were domed underwater places sealed off from the ocean using shield barriers. In fact the Gungans were experts at manipulating energy fields and featured such technology in the weapons. These weapons most common were mostly small amounts of plasma from the underwater core of the planet Naboo contained in a suspension field which would break when impacting an object releasing the plasma inside. In addition their armies used massive shield generators to protect themselves in battle.

Before the Invasion of Naboo the Gungans and the human settlers engaged in several wars and conflicts however the Trade Federation attacked changed all that and forced the two species to work together forging a lasting bond. During the Clone Wars the Gungan army would be called upon to assist the Republic on Dac.

Notable Gungans

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