This article/section of the article contains information that was not presented in the Clone Wars television series. Content consists of only Clone Wars related media and is, therefore, considered part of the Star Wars Legends continuity.

A Hailfire-class tank

The Hailfire-class droid tank was a wheeled droid tank developed by the InterGalactic Banking Clan and used by Separatist forces. Due to their high speed and ability to fire multiple missiles they were proficient in destroying heavily armored vehicles.

The Hailfire-class is easily identified by its two giant wheels which allow it to move at high speeds. Near the head of the unit two fifteen chamber rocket launchers are mounted with a single blaster cannon being located beneath the the main body of the tank. The rockets fired by this tank are capable of destroying an entire platoon of soldiers or even an All Terrain Tactical Enforcer.

Other media

Despite not making an official appearance in the televison series, the Hailfire Tank has made an appearance in the online game Clone Wars Adventures, particularly, the minigame Galactic Forces. In Galactic Forces it is a high speed, multi-targeting, Separatist heavy armor vehicle.


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