Biological Information
Species: Roonan
Gender: Male
Biographic Information
Homeworld: Unknown
"Stand back!"
―Halsey orders Knox back as Savage approaches[src]

Halsey was a Roonan Jedi master who was stationed at the Eedit Temple on Devaron. He also was an observer of the threat hologram of General Grievous when he captured Eeth Koth. He brought along his padawan, Knox, as well as Clone Commander Trauma and his squad to defend the temple from a Separatist attack.

Battle for the Temple

Jedi master Halsey defended the Eedit Temple against a small attack force of B1 battle droids and B2 super battle droids. Although he, with the help of his padawan, was able to defeat the battle droids, Savage Opress joined the battle, wiping out all clones in his path. Realizing that Savage was a dangerous enemy, Halsey engaged him in battle, warning Knox to stay back.

Halsey was only able to make a few swings at Savage before he was disarmed. Halsey quickly resorted to melee combat, however his physical attack power was no match compared to Savage's. Savage quickly executed a successful sweep attack at Halsey's legs, knocking him down. While Halsey was down, Savage delivered the final blow,Impaling the esteemed general with his enchanted pike instantly killing him.


Knox, Halsey's padawan, observed his death, then rushed Savage in an attempt to avenge his master. Knox failed in his attack, and was killed quickly by Opress. Halsey's body was recovered along with his padawans by Delta Squad in a mission to recover any clues to what went happened. Taking a shuttle back to Coruscant to report to several members of the Jedi council.


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