Biological Information
Species: Nelvaanian
Gender: Male
Biographic Information
Homeworld: Nelvaan
  • Scout
  • Rokrul village

Harvos was a male Nelvaanian scout from Rokrul village on Nelvaan. He was captured and mutated by Techno Union scientists for General Grievous during the Clone Wars. He was the most recent male Nelvaanian selected for mutation.


A scout from Rokrul village, he was captured Techno Union scientists working for the CIS and taken to a secret laboratory in the Nelvaan wilderness. He was riddled with experimental technology, and his body was mutated. During his mutation, Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker arrived. Anakin tried to save Harvos from the mutation process, but the Techno Union scientists released the other mutated Nelvaanians, and ordered them to attack Anakin. Since he was only recently mutated, Harvos still had some control over his actions. He broke out of his mutation cell, and showed Anakin that they needed to remove the cyborg bands around the mutant Nelvaanian's chests. Harvos reminded the other male warrior Nelvaanians about their heritage, and urged them to attack the Techno Union scientists, not Anakin, as he was sent to help them. Along with his fellow Nelvaanians and Anakin, he defeated the Techno Union scientists. Although he was feared by the Nelvaanians when he returned to Rokrul, he was eventually welcomed back into the village.



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