Biological Information
Species: Human (Clone)
Gender: Male
Biographic Information
Homeworld: Kamino
"99, get out of here! ...This is no place for you..."
―Havoc's last words[src]

Havoc was an ARC trooper commander who served in Rancor Battalion. He worked alongside ARC Commanders Colt and Blitz in evaluating clone cadets' final stage of combat training to see if they could become future ARC troopers. Havoc participated in the Third Battle of Kamino and fought valiantly alongside his brothers when defending Kamino, but was ultimately killed in combat.

Clone Cadets

At some point during the war, Rancor Battalion was called back to Kamino. Havoc, along with Commanders Colt and Blitz, was assigned to evaluate Clone Cadets' final stage of training to see if they could become ARC troopers. He was in the hangar when Colt addressed the latest batch of Cadets and later watched the Cadets' final test from an observation deck.

ARC Troopers

"Sir, you sent for us?"
"It's a dangerous assignment, but I want you two up on the bridge in sniper positions.
―Fives and Havoc[src]

Havoc battling in the main hangar on Kamino.

After learning of the Separatist invasion on Kamino, Havoc ordered Fives and Echo to take sniper positions. When a Trident Drill burst through doors of the hanger, he joined in the defense against the Aqua Droids that were released from it.


Havoc assigning Echo and Fives to sniper positions.

Havoc still was present when the malformed clone, 99, arrived and began handing out extra weapons to unarmed clone troopers. While checking the pulse of a fallen clone trooper, Havoc noticed 99, who was giving guns to other troopers and immediately shouted for him to leave. Distracted, Havoc took a shot to the shoulder, prompting 99 to help him up. Havoc told the malformed clone that he had no place in a battle before taking a fatal shot to the head, killing him instantly.


Havoc, like all ARC Troopers before the issue of the Phase II clone trooper Armor, wore the experimental version of the Phase II clone trooper armor. The armor he wore featured extra armor plating as well as a pauldron and a kama. His armor was shown to have blue markings, as well as blue stripes on his kama. His helmet was marked with straight blue lines and his body armor was decorated with four blue squares on the left side of his chest.



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